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① 介绍

There is accelerated examination for Japanese trademarks but it is only for trademarks filed to the JPO directly,While the Madrid trademark designating the extension to the Japanese territory is not within the scope of the accelerated examination.


② 加速审查的好处

Get the review result faster可以尽快收到审查结果

The review period for a new application can be reduced to an average

of 1.8 months by accelerated examination.


The review period for a reply for official refusal can be reduced to an average of 2.7 months by accelerated examination.申请加速审理(对象案件:驳回复审),审理期限平均可缩至2.7个月

③ 需满足的条件(需满足下述3个条件中的任一条件)

1.The trademark has been put into use or is ready to be used to a considerable extent. At the same time, the following conditions should be required for an urgent registration.

(1)There are counterfeit goods in the market

(2)Receive a warning letter for infringement from others

(3)The license of use to others

(4)An application has been submitted in a country other than Japan

(5)Intend to apply for a Madrid trademark application based on the Japanese application







2. All designated goods or services have been put into use or is ready to be used to a considerable extent.


3. All designated goods or services should be accepted by the JPO.



Official fee: No


Submitter: Applicant or its Japanese agent


Required documents: Accelerated examination application.


Submission method: online submission or paper submission


Submission period: Real time of applying for a trademark (application to reply for official refusal), after the application, or under examination.



South Korea 韩国

① 韩国商标加快审查的时机

When submitting an application, applicants can also request for an accelerated examination.递交申请时可同时提请加快审查After submitting the application, you may request for an accelerated examination if the application has not yet been examined.递交申请后,尚未进入审查时,可提请加快审查


For cases that have already entered the review, it is likely that examiners will refuse the accelerated examination request because examiners consider it meaningless.



The Official fee for accelerated examination is 160,000KRW/class. A multi-class application is also charged according to class and the application fee is not included.加快审查每类官费16万韩币,一标多类也是按类收费,该费用不含申请官费

③ 韩国商标加快审查的申请对象

1.The applicant selects or plans to select all specified goods/services to apply for a mark申请人使用或计划使用与所有指定商品/服务相关的申请商标2.A third party uses the identical or similar trademark as the proposed one without justifiable reasons第三方在没有正当理由的情况下使用与申请商标相同或近似的商标3.To warn a third party stops using the same trademark as the proposed one.警告第三方停止使用与申请商标相同的商标时4.To propose a preliminary injunction of forbidding the use against a third party向第三方的使用提出禁止使用的假处分时5.When the applicant receives a written warning of infringement申请人收到侵权书面警告时6.Trademark based on Madrid international application以马德里国际申请为基础的商标7.Collective trademarks applied for the establishment of legal persons by SMEs with more than 5 employees5人以上的中小企业共同设立法人时所申请的团体商标8.Trademark application claiming a priority以主张优先权申请的商标9.An invalid registered trademark without renewal (the applicant must be consistent with the owner of the invalid trademark)已注册的商标因未续展失效的商标(申请人要与失效商标的权利人一致)


Submit an application for accelerated examination, a document illustrating relevant reasons, and pay the official fee.


KIPO has the right to reject the request to accelerated examination


The trademarks that applied for accelerated examination will be granted after KIPO’s checking.


Trademarks will be published within 2-4 months after accelerated examination( it only takes 1-2 months in actual operation) ,there is 2-month publication period and grant of protection for trademarks will be issued after publication.


If the request to a accelerated examination is refused because of insufficient documentation provided, the trademark review will turn into a regular process, and the official fee for accelerated examination will be partially refunded.



EU 欧盟


With EUIPO’s Fast Track for trade marks you can get you trade mark published in half the time or less.It is also more secure and predictable when it comes to examination. With Fast Track you can avoid classification deficiencies as you will be selecting your goods and services from the Harmonised Database, which includes terms that are automatically accepted by every EU national and regional IP Office.

通过EUIPO的商标加速审查,申请人的商标可在一半的时间(与普通申请相比),甚至更短的时间内获得公告。在审查方面,它也更安全,更可预测。 使用快速审查,申请人可以避免分类问题,因为所有的产品或服务都是从EUIPO指定的商品和服务选取的,其中也包括每个欧盟国家和地区知识产权局可接受的产品或服务。

② 加速审查需满足的条件

1.You need to select the goods and services your trade mark will apply to from a database of terms that have already been accepted by the EUIPO. 


2.You need to pay upfront: our examiners can only start examining your application once payment is complete. Subject to prompt payment and provided there are no deficiencies at the moment of filing or during examination of the application, your application will proceed via Fast Track.


3.Regarding priority or seniority claims, either:

(1)there should be no priority / seniority claims, or

(2)if a priority / seniority claim is indicated, the trade marks on which the claim is based can be imported from the TMview database during the application process, or

(3)if a priority / seniority claim is indicated and the associated trade mark(s) are not in TMView, the corresponding certificate must be attached.





4. If exhibition priority is claimed, a Fast Track application is still possible provided an attachment containing the corresponding certificate is submitted.


5. The trade mark must be one of the following types: word / figurative / shape / sound.

商标必须是以下类型之一:文字 / 图形 / 形状 / 声音。

6. If the trade mark is a figurative / shape mark, colour claims are no longer possible.



Although some applications may comply with the conditions of Fast Track at the time of filing, they could be lost later on. For example, there could be a deficiency, in that the trade mark you would like to register is not distinctive enough. If your application loses any Fast Track conditions, you will be informed in writing.



No additional fee, the official fee for Fast Track is the same as a normal application.The basic fee covers one class for EUR 850, the fee for the second class of goods and services is EUR 50, The fee for three or more classes is EUR 150 for each class.



The average time to publish a Fast Track mark only takes 3 weeks. A trademark can be registered within 4 months if everything goes well.



Germany 德国


Applicants can register a trademark online at the German Patent and Trademark Office in a fast and low-cost way through DPMA, without investing much time and effort. You can also register a warranty or collective mark. For all filing routes, you can request accelerated examination.



1.The trademark cannot be changed after sending the application and you must also specify the goods or services to be marked with the sign. After submitting the application, the list of goods or services can no longer be extended.


2.Please note that a trademark can be excluded from registration because of absolute grounds for refusal. In particular, any information which merely describes the claimed goods or services or which lacks any distinctive character cannot be registered.



The DPMA does not check whether older identical or similar trademarks have already been registered.



The amount of the fee to be paid for the registration depends on the number of classes claimed.A fee of 200 euros must be paid for accelerated examination.



If the trade mark application is in due form and the trade mark is eligible for protection, it can be registered after a few working days, but, at the latest, within six months after filing the application.



Italy 意大利


The new procedure for Fast Track has come into force as from the 26 February 2019.



1.Fast track application requires that all products or services listed in the application are included in the Nice Classification List, so that the examiners do not need to check them one by one.


2. Fast track application application fees must be paid through the "PagoPa" system, immediately upon filing the application.


3. Fast track application cannot claim a priority.



No additional fee, the official fee for Fast Track is the same as a normal application.The basic fee covers one class for EUR 177, the fee for each additional class of goods and services is EUR 34.



Fast track applications are processed on filing and should be published within 7 days (if no deficiency is found or objection is raised). The whole time necessary for registration, considering that all goes well, should be from about 4 months to about 4 months and two weeks.



Benelux 比荷卢

Normally, it will take about six months to register a trademark in BIOP. However, during the filing process, you can request that your trademark registration be fast-tracked. If the application meets the formalrequirements, your trademark will be registered in about one month in the Trademarks Register.

正常情况下,比荷卢商标注册需时六个月左右。但在提交注册申请时可以同时请求加快审查。 若提交加速申请,一个月左右即可注册,这一阶段商标局仅进行形式审查。

In this case, the substantive examination and opposition, if any, take place after registration (rather than after publication, as is the case with the standard procedure). Therefore, it is possible that the accelerated registration will be reversed and that you are left without a registered trademark, which means a refusal or opposition could result in your registration being canceled.


However, if applicants are eager to initiate a court proceeding, it is recommended to apply for an accelerated application. Accelerated applications will produce additional fee. The basic fee covers one class for EUR 196, the fee for the second class of goods and services is EUR 21, The fee for three or more classes is EUR 63 for each class.




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